It was in the dark room in college developing my own film and printing my own images that my love for photography started. While I’ve left the darkroom photography cave, today I find myself exploring the urban jungle, pushing the limits of black and white, color and abstract photography. I act on impulses and focus on the structure of the shot – often shooting what calls to me – like loud street art and charismatic architecture. 

The name Art Snitch comes from my last name, Fink. Many years ago if someone called you a Fink they were calling you a Snitch. I love talking about, creating and sharing my art. Art Fink just does not have the same ring to it. 

When I’m not being a dad or running an advertising/ web development agency, I seek other talented photographers and play grunge street artist looking for his next inspiration, with my camera always at the ready.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer and all the photos are mine unless otherwise noted.